These are selections of original creations from the archives of Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson who has been actively creating, teaching, and exhibiting fine art for over 75 years. These are artworks with history – not always physically perfect. Some are fragile – particularly the pastels on velvet paper. Eleanor Dickinson and her family have selected these works for sale both to get her creative work into the world to be seen and enjoyed, and to benefit her with an ongoing income from her own creations.

In addition to these original artworks, some of Eleanor Dickinson’s book publications, posters, and silk screens will also be made available. If you see something you like, you can buy it directly or follow up with questions to Some works are part of an extensive series – inquire if you want to see more of something. Eleanor Dickinson’s art comes in a wide variety of sizes and media. Shipping, handling, insurance and packaging charges for fine art, especially for very large paintings, may be considerable. Estimates will be provided in advance.