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About This Website

1962 Eleanor Dickinson studio portrait 2, San Francisco

Eleanor Dickinson Art contains selections of original creations from the archives of Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson, a remarkable American artist who was actively creating, teaching, and exhibiting fine art for over 75 years.  Her work has been exhibited at many dozens of galleries and museums around the world, and is collected by a wide variety of individuals, universities, museums and other major institutions, including:

Unless they ask otherwise, buyers and potential buyers will be added to our email distribution list for occasional updates about Eleanor Dickinson and her art.

About the Art

Eleanor Dickinson’s family selected these works for sale to get more of her creations into the world to be seen and enjoyed. The family is still finding treasures as it goes through Eleanor Dickinson’s extensive collection. More art works will be posted here over time.

These are artworks with history and not always physically perfect. Some works presented here are damaged or inherently fragile. Art is sold in as-is condition.  Known damage has been noted in the detailed description.  Examples of common damage include: dents, yellowing, pin holes, or tape on the back.  Pastels on velvet cloth and paper are particularly fragile. Please ask questions in advance by sending email to: eleanordickinsonart@gmail.com

For some works available in multiples (for example: posters, etchings, and books) there may be several copies available – some signed, others not. Each item has aged individually – none are identical. Other works are unique but part of an extensive series (for example: Dreams, Revival, Lovers).  Please inquire if you want to see more of something.  Series names include the following (some pictures may be in more than one series):

  • Animals
  • Bible Figures
  • Dreams
  • Etchings, Prints, Silkscreens
  • Food, Fruit Cookbook
  • Lovers-Old
  • Lovers-Young
  • Revival!
  • Sculptures, Spatial Art
  • Small Pastels
  • Printed Posters and Books

Some measurements and dates are approximate. Colors in photos on this website may not be exact – whites on the original art are often much brighter than shown.

Shipping and Additional Charges

Art Shipping BoxPlease email us at eleanordickinsonart@gmail.com to ask questions. The price shown is for the item itself, with tax. $75 will be added during checkout to cover standard shipping, packaging, handling, and insurance for art and posters; $10 will be added for books.

Eleanor Dickinson’s art comes in a wide variety of sizes and media. The costs of additional insurance, packaging, handling, and shipping for large or more fragile work may be considerable.  Estimates will be provided for the cost of special arrangements prior to purchase.

Art and posters will be shipped flat in a heavy duty box such as the one shown.  Works are sold unframed and without a mat.  Art and posters will be wrapped in glassine, packaged for protection, and insured for the purchase price. Shipments will be trackable and originate from San Jose, California.  This site is set up for shipments inside the USA.  For international sales, please contact us at eleanordickinsonart@gmail.com

Most works of art are one of a kind. This collection includes some printed works (for example: posters, etchings, and books) where both signed and unsigned versions exist. Prices listed are $100 more for signed versions.

Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson Charitable Art Trust

In 2014, the Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson Charitable Art Trust was created to provide donations of art works to charitable organizations or institutions. If you represent such an organization or institution and would like to discuss a donation, please contact us by sending email to: eleanordickinsonart@gmail.com.

1989 Eleanor Dickinson in Belcher Street studio, San Francisco

About Paper

Most of Eleanor Dickinson’s art works are on paper. Some information about this remarkable material:

  • Paper is a stable organic substance that has its own beauty and life and its specific qualities are integral to the drawing’s or print’s aesthetic effects. Properly treated, paper can be preserved for millennia.
  • Hazards that can deteriorate paper include: extreme humidity (50% is best), light (especially ultra-violet light – in sunlight or fluorescent lamps), insects (like silverfish), and air pollution (including gas leaks, heavy smoking, smog, etc.). These hazards can be minimized by correct matting and framing of art works on paper.
  • Framing: Art work on paper should be framed using a type of plexiglass or similar material that screens out ultra-violet light. Eliminating ultra-violet light will reduce ink fading. If matted, the mat should be archival, museum-grade material. Cheaper mat materials will over time burn the paper.
  • Hanging: A collector’s desire for a totally flat work of art is incompatible with the use of paper. Paper is hygroscopic, attracting and absorbing water from the air. It will swell and move when humidity increases. Art works on paper should never be glued down. Archival, museum-grade hinges at the top will reduce any ripples in the paper surface. Air conditioning and dehumidifiers may control humidity and temperature. In high-humidity, the paper will ripple or buckle but it will straighten out as humidity is lowered. Hang art work on paper on an inside wall, away from blowing air vents, to avoid extremes of temperature.

Copyright and Reproduction Rights

Copyright and all reproduction rights are reserved.

Sale of works of art by Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Sale transfers the title of the original work of art including the right to exhibit and sell it.
  2. Neither the sale of art works by Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson or the Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson Charitable Art Trust nor any subsequent sale of art works by Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson to others passes copyright rights, unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by a Trustee of the Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson Charitable Art Trust. It especially does not give the purchaser the right to reproduce the work of art in any form or for any purpose.

All images on this website are Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved. If you want to re-use an image, please send email to: eleanordickinsonart@gmail.com