Eleanor Dickinson has long had a fascination with diverse bodies, often preferring elderly models to those too young to have networks of lines across their skin. This piece showcases a man’s body, allowing the pastel and the tan velvet paper to interact to give the color and texture of his skin. One of a kind artwork.  See the About page for more information on charges, paper care, and related subjects. Please note:  The price ($1,085) is for the item itself, with tax. $75 will be added to cover standardSee more details & history

Not for sale: Donated to California Lawyers for the Arts – by Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson Charitable Art Trust – May 2017 This Dream Series piece echoes–while inverting–the shapes of many of Eleanor Dickinson’s Crucifixion series where the feet are given massive size because of the artist’s perspective. Her fascinating with the various unlovely but all-too-human parts of the human experience, from existential pain to hairy legs, is showcased here as well. At the time she was painting this series, she was experiencing significant bone pain so the hair maySee more details & history

This piece created with ink and rubber cement demonstrates the drama that Eleanor Dickinson was able to draw from a limited palette, using only cream, black, and yellow to draw a nude female figure imbued with strength, vulnerability, and power.  This is one of the oldest small drawings available.  It may be a self-portrait of the artist while pregnant. One of a kind artwork.  See the About page for more information on the Art, Shipping and Additional Charges, Paper, and other topics. Please note:  The price ($1,085) is forSee more details & history