For decades in the middle of her career, Eleanor Dickinson visited evangelical Christian Revival tents, documenting and building relationships with the rural Pentecostal communities.

Like many of her projects and media, this was not designed to be popular with the art establishment, but she felt it was important to compassionately and accurately depict misunderstood people.

The title refers to the chorus of a popular hymn.

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Title: “4. In the Cross, In the Cross”
Series: Revival
Primary Materials: black ink on white paper
Base Material: paper
Signed: yes
Orientation: almost square
Measurement WxH: 23-1/2″ wide x 23-1/4″ high
Condition: very good
Date or Est. Year Created: 1975
Description: Line drawing portrait of clothed older man head and torso
Notes: paper yellowing, tape on back, partial drawing on back, title in pencil on back