This piece is one of the more recent of Eleanor Dickinson’s works available for sale. It depicts a Korean woman in pastel in black velvet, demonstrating both the artist’s dedication to the human form and embrace of unpopular and unconventional materials.  Myeongsuk is the name of the model. There is a shadow of a skull in the background to remind the viewer of life’s evanescence.

Her artists’ statement provides more detail on her choice of black velvet as a medium.

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Title: “#13 Myeongsuk”
Series: Pastel
Measurement WxH: 20″ wide x 26″
Primary Materials: colored pastel on black velvet paper
Base Material: velvet paper
Signed: no
Orientation: portrait
Condition: very good
Date or Est. Year Created: Approx 2005
Description: Nude Asian woman head and shoulders – faint skull shadow sketched behind
Notes: “#13 Myeongsuk” title on back in pencil. No signature or date. Pin holes upper corners