Pastel Series / Colored pastel / 20×27.5″ / 2005


Many of Eleanor Dickinson’s models got to know her cats, who wandered around during modeling sessions and occasionally deigned to pose. This piece is a particularly fresh example.  Myeongsuk is the name of the model.  It was unusual for the artist to provide a setting for her models as she does here by presenting the figure in a beach scene.

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Series: Pastel
Primary Materials: colored pastel on grey velvet paper
Base Material: velvet paper
Signed: no
Orientation: portrait
Measurement WxH: 20″ wide x 27-1/2″ high
Condition: very good
Date or Est. Year Created: Approx 2005
Description: Nude woman on seashore with a small, gray cat. There is a small blue dolphin in the background.
Notes: smudging on front