“Norbert” / Black-ink etching print / 15×11″ / 2004 (Signed)


One of an etching series – each slightly different. Eleanor Dickinson long maintained a unique menagerie of animals to inspire her work.  Norbert the iguana was one of her many reptilian friends.

It was not until several years after the lizard Norbert joined the Dickinson household–and after this work was created–that she began to lay eggs and was rechristened “Norbertina.”

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Title: “Norbert”
Series: Etching / Print
Primary Materials: Black etching printed on handmade paper
Base Material: paper
Signed: Yes
Orientation: landscape
Measurement WxH: 15″ wide x 11″
Condition: very good
Date or Est. Year Created: 2004
Description: Iguana drawing – viewed from tail to head
Notes: There are several versions of this image, all on various handmade paper colors. Not all of the print impressions are square to the shape of the paper – a problem that will not be visible after the work is matted.